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Welcome to the homepage of London’s finest Hungarian dentistry!

Located in the heart of central London, just minutes away from Bloomsbury square, we can proudly boast that we are truly at the epicenter of the city and can be reached easily at any time. We are close to three tube stations, closest to Holborn station, not far from both Great Russell Square and Tottenham Court Road. We can also be reached via bus from the British Museum terminal or Museum Street.

We provide the type of cutting edge, high quality service that can be expected from this prestigious neighborhood; with the latest in dental technology and world class service available at least six days a week we can tackle any dental treatment and handle any problem you may face. We have many years of experience backing us, as well as thousands of satisfied customers whom we have treated in the fields of implantology, orthodontics, general/reconstructive dentistry, periodontology, endodontology, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry, including tooth whitening and even dental jewelry. We are well equipped and very well staffed, with professionals from Hungary and other parts of the world as well, all speakers of English, and handling many other languages as well, including Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and German.

Our customer care staff is ready and willing to handle your calls 7 days a week, and booking an appointment can be as easy as one simple phone call or the exchange of a single e-mail. We strive to provide the best in both dental treatments and customer satisfaction, as we value your time and your business above all else. So if you need an appointment to take care of that nagging toothache or bruxism, if you are thinking of getting braces or want to brighten your smile, do not hesitate to call us today, and we will do our best to book you to one of our dentists in London who will do everything in their power to help.

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