Tooth filling

Tooth fillings are necessary when a tooth has a cavity in it, ie when there is a hole in one of your teeth. The hole needs to be cleaned and filled so it does not decay any further. Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria that live in plaque eating away at the enamel of your tooth.

The dental fillings used at our Hungarian dentistry in London are made of a composite gradia. This means that they are what are called white fillings, and are more or less the color of your teeth. They are metal free and do not contribute to cancer, like amalgam fillings before them. Hypoallergenic and long lasting, they are pretty much suitable for everyone. The composite gradia that make up the filling are basically a mixture of restorative material that is easy for the body to accept, coupled with a synthetic resin that makes it adhere to your teeth, thus completely and perfectly sealing off the cleaned and disinfected cavity on the tooth in question.

The process is fairly simple, and can be considered to be the most minor and simplest of interventions in restorative dentistry, usually taking between 30 and 45 minutes. The dental treatment begins with the patient getting their cavity cleaned out. This can involve removing parts of the tooth, or just scooping out the infected dentine, or if it has not reached the tooth pulp yet, than just the surface enamel. After having cleaned it out, the cavity is filled with our composite gradia to seal it off entirely. A little bit of excess filling material may be used, and this may come off over time. After the cavity is filled, the tooth is subjected to a special light, as the composite gradia hardens to ultraviolet light frequencies. Once the material is hardened, the treatment is done.
We have three different sizes of cavities that can still be healed with our conservative dental treatments, and these have different prices, based on their size. If a cavity is too deep it may need a root canal to get rid of its causes, and if too much of the tooth is decayed, it may not be able to house the filling effectively. In these cases there are other restorative practices that may be used, and if the tooth is beyond repair, it can be fixed with a crown, or removed altogether with an extraction. We provide all of these serivces at our Hungarian dental clinic in London, as well as Budapest, and we provide this treatment to hundreds of patients each year, and have provided thousands of them since our foundation.  


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