Global fight against cancer in ’Movember’

You might have noticed that more and more men are growing a moustache in November. Are we witnessing a new fashion wave now? Not at all! Growing a moustache is the Movemeber movement’s way of drawing attention to the prostate and testicular cancer affecting more and more men.

The Movember movement

The Movember Foundation is a global organisation which was founded in 2003 in Australia. It’s goal is to improve men’s health. The community has raised 574 million dollars this far, in 21 countries, in the frames of 800 programmes. With this money they support and develop the life circumstances of men suffering from prostate or testicular cancer or mental illnesses.
The Movember Foundation motivates men to grow a moustache during Movember (November). This draws the attention to the above mentioned illenesses, create a vivid discourse about the topic and raises money for the programme. This far 4 million moustaches have been grown worldwide inspired by the movement, but the members of the Foundation will not stop until the serious illnesses affecting men still exist.
Movember movement has supporters everywhere, from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro. It ows his success to the power of the global community; regardless of the city they are living in, members of the movement feel like they are part of something bigger, and together they become dedicated to help facing the mentioned illnesses affecting men.

If you would like to read further information or about the donation, please visit this site. ( a this site-szavakra kattintva legyen ez a link légyszi :) )


Prostate cancer

The prostate and testicular cancer are very prevalent illnessed nowadays. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the sooner they discover these illenesses, the better the chances are to cure them! For this reason it’s very important to visit the doctor even with the smallest suspicious symptoms! Regular urological checkup is needed, most of all if someone in the family had a similar illness before. Above 50 it is worth to visit our doctor at least once a year for a quick checkup. In case of early discovery cancer is among the curable tumorous illnesses.

Oral cancer

Prevention and regular checkup is not only needed in case of cancer effecting men. Nowadays every tenth person becomes a victim of oral cancer which also belongs to the easily discoverable tumorous illnesses. It mostly affects the people above 50 years. Bad social situation, unhealthy nurturing, neglected teeth and lack of dental hygiene raise the risk of the development of the illness. What is more, smoking and drinking too much alcohol can also cause oral cancer.

People suffering from cancer do not only go to the doctors in case of not healing ulcers and wounds. Symptoms of the cancer can be pain in the mouth, throat, or ears. It is worth paying attention to the suspicious white or red discolourations, nodules, tumescences on the lips, in the mouth or in the throat as well. Difficulties with swallowing or chewing are not natural either. Of course, the above mentioned symptoms can be the signs of an average inflammation, but we are not doctors to tell the difference.

Considering this, it is very important to go to an expert if we notice something suspicious. Regular tooth brushing and flossing reduces the risks of the evolution of oral cancer. And if we visit our dentist at least once in every six months, we can be sure that the occurrent mutations will be discoverd in time.

It’s time to grow a moustache and book an appointment with our dentist! :)


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