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At our central London dental practice we offer a wide array of treatments to fix pretty much any dental problems that you may encounter. We specialize in conservative dentistry as well as dental implants, but we offer anything and everything else related to dental treatments. We also offer orthodontics, with an orthodontic specialist on hand at our hungarian dental practice once every month. Additionally we can and do perform oral surgery, bone grafts, and orthognathic surgery to provide dental treatments for every need imaginable.

Conservative dentistry is performed six days a week at our hungarian dental practice. Treatments that fall into this category include tooth fillings, root canals, hygiene treatments, scaling, the insertion of inlays and onlays, as well as extractions for when the tooth is beyond repair. The aim of conservative dentistry is to preserve oral hygiene, or to restore it to a healthy level. We only use white fillings made of composite gradia, of which you can learn more about {here}. We can, on request, make the fillings from other materials, but we prefer to use our standard white fillings. Root canal treatments are used for when an infection has spread inside of the tooth, and is affecting the dentine or tooth pulp, or even the very roots and nerves of teeth. To fix these problems we usually require more than one visit to our London dental practice. To learn more about root canals, please click {here}. Inlays and onlays are used when a significant portion of the tooth has been eaten away by tooth decay. The inlay works as a restorative measure, putting a piece of artificial material inside of or on top of the damaged area, thus filling it out. Inlays are often made of different materials, and we can make it out of whatever material you choose, although most commonly we will use our composite white filling material.

Oral hygiene cannot be effectively maintained without a regular trip to the dentist every six months. A hygiene session is necessary to remove tartar, plaque and the bacteria that live in it, thereby preventing tooth decay, the formation of cavities and periodontal disease. This is done through a method known as scaling. To learn more about scaling, click {here}.


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