Staying healthy in autumn

The gloomy days of the autumn often make people feel blue. We say goodbye to the sunshine, to the walks outside, and we rather stay at home. At this time of the year it is more likely to get infections or epidemics, because it is harder for our weakened immune system to protect us from them. As a result, we often cough and have to blow our noses. But this season shouldn’t be all about this, either! We collected a few tips to make the grey days brighter and to stay healthy and fit!

Vitamins and minerals

In the autumn we need to pay extra attention to consuming enough vitamins and minerals. We have to eat fruits and vegetables as often as possible. Pumpkins, for example, contain a lot of vitamin A and according to researches it even helps us give up smoking and drinking alcohol. Cabbages are useful for us because of their high vitamin-C proportion, while apples and pears contain antioxidants.

Alternating showers

It is a well-known fact that alternating hot and cold water during our showers has a stimulating effect on our circulation. This makes us more resistant to the causative agents and stimulates our metabolism. It is best to start with hot water, because our body gets used to it more quickly. Starting from our feet, slowly change the water to cold. Repeat the process three times, but always end the shower with cold water. In the end we need to get dry and dress up in warm clothes.

Warm soup

Many people are no fond of soup, although it feels very good to eat one on colder days. It is also not just a phrase that a good, warm soup is almost like medicine. Even those who are not fans of these ingredients are more likely to eat carrots and peas when they are in a vegetable soup. And if we don’t have time to cook it for ourselves, there’s still no need to worry. There are more and more streetfood restaurants specialized for selling soup.


Regular sports

We don’t have to say goodbye to the joy of doing sports just because the weather gets colder. Our body (and our soul as well) still needs exercise and fresh air. Take a walk, go jogging, ride a bike, go hiking, but only in warm enough clothes! This way we help our respiratory organs get used to the colder weather and we keep our immune system working. It is important to give our body enough time to regenerate, we should not push ourselves too hard, a few rest days are also needed in our schedule.

Drinking enough

Drinking water is not only crucial in the heat of summer but also at this time of the year. The heating season starts, and as a result the air gets dryer. So it is very important to keep our mouth and our mucous membrane wet, otherwise bacteria can easily attack them. A warm tea is always good to drink, anyway.


One of the basic conditions of avoiding illnesses is having enough rest. Our body gets weak without it and its resisting ability dwindles. If necessary, insert a short afternoon rest into our schedule or go to bed earlier, so that we can accomplish our tasks more effectively.


Regular hand washing

Door handles, vehicles used in public transportation and handrails are all full of bacteria at this time of the year. When we get home or to the office the first thing we do should be washing our hands. This is the first step to preserving our health.


It is worth going to the sauna to sweat and get warm sometimes. The toxins leave our body easier through our skin, while hot air trains our veins and our immune system. For those who cannot stand the heat, infrasauna can be the solution, which has similarly positive effects on the body. The sauna is also a great place for a good conversation, time passes so much quicker, when spent with friends!

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