Tooth jewelry

A growing field within non-essential dentistry is enhancing teeth with jewelry. This is no new procedure, as people have had gold and silver tooth replacements since time immemorial. However the use of adherents to place precious stones such as quartz and diamonds on dental work, or even living teeth, is still relatively new. At our Hungarian dental practice our cosmetic dentists are more than able to help you out with any sort of tooth jewelry you may desire, as well as any aesthetic dentistry that you may happen to like as well.

Tooth jewelry is usually adhered to or placed on artificial teeth or crowns. They can be placed onto dental veneers as well. More and more often, though, patients will get jewelry placed onto their actual living teeth. Some people tend to get softer stones like rhinestone or gold, but diamonds, quartz, and other hard stones are becoming more and more popular. Sometimes - for grills, for instance - root canals, the shaping of teeth through chipping away at them, or even periodontal surgery may be necessary in order to get the desired effect. But in most cases a simple 45 minute visit will be sufficient for adhering jewelry to your teeth.

The process consists of a consultation where you will be given a price, will be told of the dangers and or advantages of having the particular tooth jewelry put on the particular tooth, then the jewel of your choosing will be placed on your tooth. Instructions on how to clean effectively without the tooth jewelry becoming removed will also be given.
Please note that at our Hungarian dental practice we do not stock jewelry, so you will have to bring the tooth jewellry you want to be placed onto your tooth with you, or let us know ahead of time what sort of make and type of tooth jewellry you would like, and we can get one from one of our distributors. However it’s generally preferable to select your own jewelry in person, to guarantee it’s exactly what you desire.

If you are interested in getting tooth jewellry, even if it is more serious bling or full grills, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care staff by giving them a call or writing an e-mail; they will be happy to book an appointment with our Hungarian cosmetic dentist.  


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