Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening procedures fall into the realm of elective dental treatments. They are not needed as a form of oral hygiene, do not help with curing diseases, and their contribution to your overall oral status is negligible. These sorts of sessions are usually preceded by a hygienic treatment and a deep cleaning or scaling of the teeth. There are many different types of tooth whitening treatments, but we use the ZOOM! whitening treatment. This treatment is a combination of a chemical and a light based treatment.

It usually takes 90 minutes for us to whiten teeth to their absolute whitest. The process can be divided into two 45 minute sessions as well, but it is usually easier to just sit through the whole dental treatment in one go. During the first half of the treatment a tray with hydrogen peroxide gel in it will be placed over your teeth and allowed to seep in. After that your teeth will be exposed to a special light that will make them even brighter and whiter than before.

ZOOM! makes several different kinds of whitening systems. The one explained above is referred to as a chairside whitening session. A similar session can also be done at home in the form of a take home kit, which includes the peroxide gel and trays.

Tooth whitening sessions are probably the least painful of all dental treatments, requiring no anaesthesia of any sort, and can thus be enjoyed by anyone at all, regardless of any other circumstances.  


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