Keep Your Teeth Healthy During A Vacation

It is time for winter vacations, and many people are preparing their itineraries to see which summer months can be taken for a nice vacation. Our teeth are usually not a consideration, with hiking, diving and bike riding all prospects for a trip to somewhere else. Besides, dental treatment is something for at home, not vacations, right?

While these are all valid considerations, there are some things that can be done to make sure that trouble does not strike later on.

Ice, ice baby!

It feels good to put an ice cube between your teeth on a cold day, and it does make you feel cooler, but this practice is in fact harmful. Sudden drops in temperature will irritate the dentine and the internal structures of the teeth, and this can easily result in an unwanted toothache, cracking of the teeth, and can even result in small fractures and pieces of your tooth may break off, even. Slurpees are also known to do this, after all, they are just ice, too. Ice cream and cold drinks can also do a bit of harm, although much less. You don’t need to forego these at all, but make sure that you don’t eat something hot, and then drink something cold right away, as this can cause fracturing, and your enamel can weaken, too.

Dolce Vita

A vacation usually means that diets are out the window, or at least are taken much more laxly than usual. Because we want to enjoy as much of our day as possible, we will usually forego cooking, and will grab something from the nearby stand or shop. After all, great foods abound; creeps, waffles, hamburgers, hot dogs, lemonade and a large ice tea, not to mention cotton candy, chocolates and candy galore. All of these items have tons of carbs and refined sugars, meaning that they can cause tooth decay, which can ruin your vacation. Be sure to rinse your mouth out after eating sugary foods, chew sugar free gum after meals, and brush your teeth regularly, especially if something is stuck in them. And don’t forget to let an hour or so pass between eating and brushing!

Party Hard

Vacations mean partying hard for a lot of teens and young adults. School’s out, festivals are just starting, and it’s time to relax and enjoy life. A little alcohol is usually present. The problem is, alcohol is acidic, which is bad for your teeth, not to mention that most dirnks teens like will have a high sugar content. Cigarettes and red wine discolor teeth, too. Nothing to fear though, as regular at home orla care and some mouhtwash will fix these problems,a nd will laso treat that terrible hangover halitosis.  


After Fruits

Often,heta will have an effect on appetite, and instead of eating big, heavy meals, snacking on chips, fruit and veggies might feel better. Watermelon is my family’s favorite. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are absolutely indispensable for a healthy lifestyle. But fruits are also acidic, and can mess with your enamel. Rinse after eating them, this will neutralize your oral pH levels.

Play It Safe

Sports are also commonly enjoyed in the summer: beach ball, volleyball, rock climbing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, a nice game of footie. These are also the times to go out and try a new extreme sport! But make sure you take care of your body, even if the game does not seem dangerous. Some slippery rocks, a miscalculated step, and boom! Your teeth are now aching, broken or shifted. Beware and wear a tooth guard for contact sports.

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