Coconut and cranberry- fruits for the teeth

You have probably heard way too much about tooth decay already. We know that it is caused by improper oral hygiene, and the bacteria that live in the mouth when oral hygiene is not maintained. This can be kept in check by maintaining rigorous at home oral care, and with regular half year checkups with your dentist. This article is going to be about extra steps you can take, like eating two fruits, both of which are natural antibiotics and can be really helpful in fighting tooth decay.



The part of the coconut that is helpful for our teeth is not the flesh of the fruit, but the oil that is inside the coconut itself. In Ireland, the prestigious Athlone Technological Institute ran a series of tests on the antibacterial properties of coconut oil, on both naturally occurring coconut oil, and ones that were synthesized from enzymes found in it. The experiments conducted proved that coconut oil is effective in killing Streptococcus Mutans, and can stop the bacteria from reproducing. This bacterium secretes acid and eats carbohydrates, like most bacteria, and this is why sugar is bad for your teeth (unless you rinse or brush after eating it). Scientists urge further studies, because how the coconut oil interacts with the bacteria is not yet fully understood. It is currently assumed that coconut oil may be able to battle the oral thrush causing variant of Candida as well.

The coconut oil that has been treated with enzymes is very effective as an antimicrobial agent, which is good news, as companies can now start to incorporate it into different products that they make (like toothpaste, mouthwash, etc). Dr. Damien Brady, who led the research, stated that tooth decay affects almost 100% of the adult population to a certain extent, and about 75% of children as well, so this research would have plenty of practical applications.

Instead of synthetic antibiotics, coconut oil provides an easier to consume and more natural alternative. The Irish laboratory is testing several natural ingredients, looking for similar properties.


Already famous for its high levels of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, this small fruit has been used to treat patients with urinary tract problems for quite some time. Dentists started dealing with the fruit after it turned out that it is good not only for urinary tracts but also for teeth. Researchers at University of Rochester in New York found that cranberry juice worked the same as Teflon does on pans: it coats the teeth in a protective coating of nutrients, shielding them from the negative effects of the already mentioned Streptococcus mutans. The coating that is made is literally lethal to bacteria, and kills them by creating an environment in which they cannot survive. If you want to try this out at home, make sure you get some that is sugar free and has no artificial sweeteners either. The best is if you buy some cranberries and smash them yourself to get the juices, and drink it straight as it is. Cranberries also prevent the formation of biofilm, which is important, because biofilm is basically pre plaque, it is where the bacteria live and breed. Researchers are still not sure which components of the cranberries are useful yet, but progress is being made in this respect as well.

Other beneficial effects

Both of these fruits are extremely good for you, and not just for your teeth, either. Foods made with coconut will break down kidney stones, can cure chronic fatigue disorder, can help with ulcers and are a digestive. Coconut also stimulates the thyroids, cuts cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, can help with heart conditions, osteoporosis and diseases of the liver.

Cranberry seems to have some correlation with fighting breast cancer, and can help with diseases of old age, like Alzheimer syndrome and severe memory loss. The immense amount of antioxidants also helps in protecting cell structures. Anything blood related is also helped by cranberries; hemophilia, varicose veins and circulatory issues are all treated with cranberries, and it can help with curing eczema as well.

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