Rosalie J. Moon

The teacher turned writer decided to change her career and her life path when she moved to the Isles three years ago. She needed a lot of courage and commitment to take this enormous and uncertain step, and it changed her life completely. Entering into a new life showed her new sensations and new impulses, and she gained a lot of experience form the move. She decided to start writing down what she had felt, to serve as an example to others, and to help them along their path in a new and foreign country.

Rosalie lives near Cambridge, and is the editor of the 6:3 magazine’s “About Our Life” column. Besides writing, Rosalie is also a personal guidance counselor. She gives presentations on a regular basis in Slovakia, Hungary and England, where you can gain more information about her and her books. So far she has written these three books:

- A new beginning (2009)

- Forget me not (2010)

- Attempts at happiness (2012)