KrisztinaDesign is the brainchild of Krisztina Katalin Koch, and is a registered trademark in England. The Hungarian lady likes to cover everything in folk motifs, and embroiders everything by hand with the special Kalocsai motif. She makes pillowcases, curtains, duveés, and of course tablecloths, which can bring the feeling of the Hungarian countryside into your home, but she also makes less traditional items, like t-shirts, skirts, blouses and mens shirts as well. In Hungary, clothing with the kalocsai design is living a renaissance, and are quite trendy. Krisztina also hand paints any item you would like to have painted, be it porcelain (like fridge magnets or plates and dinnerware), wood or plastic. Surprise your friends with an exclusive, exquisitely hand painted item of your choice, thus breathing new life into the old tradition of the kalocsai!


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