Stage in London

Stage in London

The company was formed in 2010, and provides quality entertainment for Hungarians in London and the surrounding areas. The company started a theatrical series in 2011, which was a giant success. The crowd laughed and cried with András Laár, András Somogyi, saw Péter Kállay-Molnár, Artúr Kális and András Gáspár perform Shakespeare shorts, and got a chance to meet Eszter Nagy-Kalózy, MIklós Turek, and was amazed by the incredible improvisational skills of the Beugró Társulat. Music lovers got an earful with Budapest Ragtime band, Palya Bea and Robert Hrutka. The originators of these events, Edit and Gábor also plane do something for the kids: Veronika Marék, with her fabulous singable poems, and Adri Morócz played here too. The owners have tons of more ideas, and they plan on widening their repertoire, so keep them an eye on them!


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