Hungarian Cuisine


Hungarian Cuisine

The Gazsi Hús Ltd is a butcher store and meat shop that was formed in 2005, and is based on 30 years of family business experience and tradition. This company has been importing goods for TESCO, SPAR, INTERSPAR and Kaisers as well. In order to hawk their wares abroad, they made Hungarian Cuisine Ltd. It took two years of testing and experimentation for us to find the right flavor for this endeavour.

When making our food, we strive for easy and fast consumption, meanwhile trying to keep some degree of quality as well. We do not use preservatives, and the meat is good for 21 days, due to our special packaging system. Their materials can thus be used even without freezing the product. Their products contain no artificial flavor enhancers or coloring agents, so everyone can eat them, even if they have an allergy. Their food is available to those who are very busy, too, as some of our products are ready to serve in just 3 minutes with the help of a microwave. We are currently trying to make low carb foods as well. Check our website for regular discounts and sweepstakes!




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