Which Minerals And Supplements To Eat For Healthy Teeth

Teeth and the the surrounding periodontium are full of all kinds of vitamins minerals and metals and things that are eaten only in small quantities, so it may be difficult to figure out what you are missing when something is wrong with your teeth. You may find that your teeth are a little bit discolored, look thinner, whispier, more yellow and they may break or chip and crack easily. What to do, what to eat, what are you missing? And what about gums; they can bleed, recede, swell up and also get discolored. What causes it? Let me give some good tips on what foods will benefit your teeth, and why.


Cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products contain high levels of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is a great thing, but you need to take magnesium, or otherwise your body simply cannot absorb it. Teeth also need vitamin A and D, both of which are present to a certain extent in milk based products. That is why this is an important part of your daily diet.  


Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like kale, ruccola and other vegetables contain high levels of iron, and the minerals that you need to soak them up, like phosphorus, sulfur and copper as well. This is the other thing you should eat plenty of if you want to make sure that you get plenty of the things you need to ingest in order to be able to maintain healthy and nice looking teeth.


If you hate milk, or are lactose intolerant or vegan, you should probably take vitamin supplements to replace the calcium and magnesium that you would otherwise be getting from milk and dairy products. There foods such as sesame seeds, poppy seeds and chia seeds to get some of the stuff listed, but you will need to take some vitamin supplements, with plenty of vitamins A and D, calcium and magnesium  iron and phosphorus to make sure you are getting everything you need.

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