Water Flossing

Flossing is an important part of at home oral care, yet very few people, less than half of us floss on a regular, day to day basis. Some complain that it takes too much time, others dislike the sensation of there being something in between the teeth, still others complain of time constraints and busy schedules behind their negligence of proper dental hygiene. All three of these excuses will be rendered completely useless and see through, once I get done with this article.

An Oldie But A Goodie

Water flossing was quite a big trend back in the 60s and 70s, when it was determined that flossing your teeth is extremely important and not an optional bit of dental hygiene. It is good because you do not need any floss for it, just water, and if used properly, it gives the exact same benefits and cleans just as well as floss. The technique fell out of favor, and for a good number of young people, this technology is completely unknown, even though it did not become obsolete, outdated, or in any way out staged by different technologies. It just happened to get lost with time, for unknown reasons, so many people do not even know that this is an option.


The Oral Irrigator

The way water flossing works is that a tool called an oral irrigator sprays a very rapid stream of water, and this knocks the gunk out from between the teeth, and can even be used to remove plaque from beneath the gum line as well. Just adjust the stream, point it to between your teeth and towards hard to reach places, and let the water do the work.

Added Benefits

Recently, clinicians and researchers have dug up some oral irrigators, and have been doing studies on them. Apparently, they clean just as well as floss, and reduce the rates of calculus and plaque present in the mouth, but water flossing has another added benefit. Unlike flossing with dental floss, using water will reduce any signs of swelling and inflammation that you may have. It is very gentle on gingival tissue, and is thus a good option for patients struggling with periodontitis, gingivitis, or any other sort of gingival inflammation.

So no more excuses, here is a product that does not really feel like anything, will not get stuck between your teeth, is gentle, does not hurt, and does a magnificent job, with just 2-3 minutes a day extra. If you cannot find the time to do this much, then be prepared to pay a ton of money for fillings and root canal treatments once your teeth start to decay form not being cared for properly.

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