Toothpaste, the way I like it!

Before finding Sensodyne Classic, I used to make a face like I just bit into a lemon every time I ate ice cream. I am sure many readers know the feeling when your teeth are sensitive to cold- or hot- and your tooth root starts to hurt. My gums and teeth are sensitive, they require special care, and as I found out from some of my friends suffering from the same condition, these whitening toothpastes only made the condition worse, not to mention that the enamel can get damaged from these products! But Sensodyne solved this problem for me immediately, and in the way that I like it: it did not just treat the symptoms, it treated the root causes of the problem. That is why I am willing to pay the little bit of extra it costs, and I do not mind going to the pharmacy for it either, a smany store simply do not carry this toothpaste.


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