The 5 best toothpastes available

Gooey, flaky, smells bad, unhealthy, and expensive. Or just the opposite; great smelling, tastes good, gets the job done and is affordable- these are the two types of toothpaste available.

There are more and more toothpaste brands to choose from in stores, pharmacies and supermarkets, and this leaves many customers bewildered.

With so many brands and types to choose from, which one is the right one for you?


Commercials are not very helpful either, with their depictions of men biting apples, women eating ice cubes and smiles whiter than even the most expert dental technician could make.
After seeing these commercials, you go in to the store, and buy the first paste that you can remember seeing on the telly, but after using it, your pearly whites just aren’t as pearly, and even close to being as white. And to top it all off, the toothpaste was gooey, tasted foul, and after a few hours will cause you to grind your teeth, feeling a grainy, nasty texture, like you had just eaten dirt. Well, we also tried just about every toothpaste on the market, and we found some that are worth using.

Which ones are they? Here they are!   


Toothpaste, the way I like it!

Before finding Sensodyne Classic, I used to make a face like I just bit into a lemon every time I ate ice cream. I am sure many readers know the feeling when your teeth are sensitive to cold- or hot- and your tooth root starts to hurt. My gums and teeth are sensitive, they require special care, and as I found out from some of my friends suffering from the same condition, these whitening toothpastes only made the condition worse, not to mention that the enamel can get damaged from these products! But Sensodyne solved this problem for me immediately, and in the way that I like it: it did not just treat the symptoms, it treated the root causes of the problem. That is why I am willing to pay the little bit of extra it costs, and I do not mind going to the pharmacy for it either, a smany store simply do not carry this toothpaste.  


Hi, Mr Beaver!

After the marketing campaign was launched against these popular toothpastes, claiming how unhealthy they were, I have tried to buy products that are made up of natural ingredients. Another reason why I chose to purchase this way is the tooth whitening aspect. I am not a smoker, but I do drink two or three cups of coffee a day, and that also causes stains. The toothpaste I chose, called Vademecum Express has the commercial with the beaver telling folks about his great natural toothpaste, and the product does contain sage and camomile, which provides natural protection for the enamel on the teeth. The toothpaste has a high fluoride content, which helps the teeth have a higher resilience against tooth decay. Of course, I am not always faithful to the brand. From time to time I also try out new products, but always end up with the old trusted brand.


Nostalgia in a tube!

I can remember the way toothpaste used to taste when I was a kid. We had a much smaller variety to choose from, but we had nice, healthy teeth anyway. The reason I use Amodent is because it tastes like the toothpastes of yore, with its minty, but not too invasive freshness, and I have been using it long enough to know, it is good enough to keep my teeth healthy. As a result, even my dentist has confirmed that my teeth are healthier than average, and I love the taste and flavor. You can buy it everywhere, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and drug stores. The price is also very affordable.


Swiss reliability!


I have never believed in loyalty towards brands, and this is especially the case with cosmetic products. I usually buy whatever I feel like when looking at the box of the product. The only thing that I do buy from the time to time - perhaps because I used it as a child- is Elmex brand anti-tooth decay paste. I have a thing for Swiss products, because of their reliability and high quality, and the fact that this product has been on the market for 45 years, despite changing market trends, is proof enough that they must be doing something right. And why do I love this product? Because it tastes nice, but has a strong menthol taste, which is intense but not overbearing. Because of its olafluoride content, it can actually reverse the effects of tooth decay, thats how it protects teeth, and it also prevents the expansion of bacteria, which causes less plaque.  


One brand, many flavors!

Back in the day, buying toothpaste used to be very simple for me: check which one is on sale, and than buy it. Than my dentist told me something that I already knew, that changing your toothpaste up frequently may not be the best thing for your teeth. He told me to use Colgate total, which I have been using ever since. Aside from tasting great, it is also available everywhere, at an affordable price, it is not too runny, not too flaky, foams just enough, and is available in a variety of flavors, and thus gives different options for the same quality. It also provides protection, something that a toothpaste is designed to do anyway.


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