Home Remedies To Ease The Pain Of Periodontitis


Periodontitis is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you form a dentist’s perspective. This is a condition whose name means ‘disease of the tissue around the teeth’, and that is exactly what this is. Periodontitis can affect the gums, alveolar tissue, and indeed even the bones in which teeth are anchored. This disease can cause tooth loss, blood poisoning, and even death.

The disease is caused by bacteria living in the plaque that is formed on teeth. Plaque is a mixture of saliva and starch and sugar, it is a sticky white substance, and is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. When this material is compacted and hardened over time, it forms a firm white substance called tartar. This substance is mostly found underneath the gum line, and is one of the main culprits in causing gum disease.
Symptoms include puffy, swollen gums, possibly accompanied with discharge, loss of teeth, halitosis, swollen glands, painful and sensitive teeth and gums, excessive bleeding and even hair loss. 

How To Treat Periodontitis

Contrary to what you may have heard, periodontitis, and indeed other diseases of the gums require medical intervention. Very frequently surgery will need to be performed, as this is the only way to remove infected tissue where bacteria have already infiltrated, and if the bacterial infection is bad enough, than this quite radical solution will be the only one that can cure the patient of the infection. As a matter of course, surgery cannot remove all of the infection present, and so antibiotics, with their many negative and possibly taxing side effects are prescribed to fight the infection.



Many people are reluctant to take antibiotics, which is understandable. For these fine folks, there are several remedies that can be taken instead. You can try using garlic and salt water and gargling with that, thus using the antibacterial effect of both salt and the longer lasting antibiotic effect of garlic as a mouthwash. Calendula ointments, and calendula plant matter dissolved in alcohol or anything that will dissolve it and not harm your mouth is also a good idea, as this flower also has antibiotic properties.

A little bit less on the hippie side, but still very effective is the use of different perio-gums and gels. Many such lozenges, chewable gums and oral gels have been developed by most of the premium oral health care companies of the world, and they are available in many flavors and in many different formats, and all of them are available over the counter.

Taking Q10 enzymes will also help in preventing the formation of periodontitis, and also will help you fight the existing bacteria as well, but do not be fooled! These remedies may make the symptoms less grueling, but you will still need to see an oral surgeon in order to rid yourself completely of the infection.


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