An overview Of Electric Toothbrushes (With Prices!!!!)

electric tbIf you are having a hard time finding the right electric toothbrush with the market being so vast, and so many products being available, then this article was written for you! This article will help you choose between four of the leading electric toothbrushes on the market!

The health of your teeth depends largely on getting the right toothbrush, and putting it to good use. Electric toothbrushes tend to be more expensive, that is why most people stick to the cheaper, tried and true manual toothbrushes. Let us reassure you, the initial investment will have a return that is well worth the cost!

These toothbrushes are much more effective in removing plaque and tartar, and thus are more effective in fighting tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you are worried about the price, just think, buying one device is enough, and than you can just buy a series of removable heads for the toothbrush, this way the entire family can have a cheap, hygienic and safe electric toothbrush for the price of one. Our overview will even help you find the right heads! 

What to look out for

Many people think that the stronger the bristles, the better the toothbrush. But if the bristles are too abrasive, they can hurt the gums as well as mess up your tooth enamel, that is why a softer toothbrush may be just as effective, or even better at keeping your teeth healthy.
Do not turn the toothbrush on until after you have put it in your mouth, otherwise, the entire bathroom will be covered with tiny specks of toothpaste. It may also be a good idea to not use whitening toothpastes that have little flecks in them, as the strong vibrations may cause the flecks to damage the enamel coating of your teeth.

Braun Oral-B Triumphbraun

It only takes two minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth with the new Braun Oral-B Triumph toothbrush. This electric toothbrush makes 8800 three dimensional rotations per minute. Heads are available in 4 different colors, and the toothbrush works with a battery. This is not a drawback however, as the maximum run time of the battery is 2 weeks, if it is used twice a day, so no need to fear the device running out of juice in the middle of a brushing session.  
The toothbrush has a meter on the handle that shows you how charged the toothbrush is at any given moment, and after two minutes of use, a smiley face will appear on the handle-which shows that you have used the device for long enough. The toothbrush makes a sound every half a minute, telling you when to switch over to the next row of teeth. There are more functions on the toothbrush as well: normal brushing, care for sensitive teeth, and it even has a  polishing function. The price is around 100 GBP. 


This toothbrush also works with a battery, and its chord is relatively long too- around 1.6 meters- that way you can walk around your bathroom comfortably. It makes 15 000 rotations per minute. The device works between 50-60 Herz, its charge time  is 16 hours, and it stays charged for 25 minutes.
Due to its gum protection system the device can ensure protection for sensitive teeth and gums. The toothbrush has just one setting, the speed is not adjustable, but the price makes up for this small imperfection: it is available for 15 pounds. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a toothbrush but the health of your teeth is important to you, then this is the toothbrush for you!     

Braun Oral-B D10.511 Advance Power Kids

If you wanna make oral health care fun and enjoyable for your kids, Advanced Power Kids from Braun will make it easy for you! The device makes 5600 rotations per minute, and is charged with a battery. As the gums of children are much softer than adult gums, this toothbrush has softer bristles as well, and it is of course much smaller than an adult toothbrush.
The device comes with a timer, and plays music whenever enough time has been spent on a row of teeth. Kids usually like the vibrating effect of the toothbrush, thus brushing their teeth can become a fun experience for them. It is not appropriate for very small children, but it can be used from Kindergarten and upwards. The device costs around 30 pounds. 

Philips Sonicare HX6902

philipsThis device is by far the most expensive in our overview. This product costs around 110 pounds, but this one is by far the most customizable. You can choose between three flexible settings; you can choose the three minute cleaning session, which provides a very deep and thorough cleaning, if that is not necessary, you can choose the Go Care function, which will clean your teeth effectively in just one minute.
The heads that come with it are available in two sizes; mini and standard. Many electric toothbrushes cause gums to bleed at first use, but in order to prevent this from occurring, you can choose the so-called Easy-start function, as this setting slowly increases the power of the vibrations during the first 14 uses.


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