Adult Orthodontics- It’s Never Too Late!

When you are young, having crooked teeth is no big deal. Many people don’t care, or think that the situation will correct itself. This is no problem, but crooked teeth are more difficult to clean, and food detritus may get stuck in nooks and crannies. This will give bacteria a place to breed, and can thus lead to inflammation of the teeth and to tooth decay as well. Right now, the most effective way to counter this is to wear braces. While it is true that kids usually react faster to orthodontic treatment than adults, it is better late than never, as the old saying goes. If you happen to realize that you need braces when you are grown, do not let your age be an issue! The benefits are truly staggering:

Healthy teeth: As mentioned earlier, crowded teeth are difficult to clean. Two teeth that are overlapping have a much higher chance of developing cavities, and on the side facing each other. This results in no pain at all, so we frequently do not notice at all, until it is too late. Teeth that jut out are also at a much higher risk of developing calculus deposits. This is not as dangerous as dental caries, but is still an issue.  

An orderly bite: If your teeth close properly, not only will you look prettier, but you will also communicate better. Gaps in your teeth are responsible for many of the speech impediments that patients deal with today. They can also cause problems eating, digesting and swallowing food.  

Easier to clean: Unlike what many people think, oral hygiene does not end with brushing your teeth. Gaps in the teeth should be cleaned with an interdental toothbrush, or with dental floss. if your teeth are crooked, you will not be able to do this properly, and so these important procedures often get “forgotten”.  


A nice smile: While medical reasons are of course very important, but with orthodontics, many times these will not be the most important aspects when making a decision to get braces. It is usually more important to know that by wearing the device, you will be guaranteed a pretty smile, that is nicer than the current one. A nice smile will laos boost your confidence, which can help when looking for a job or when looking for a sexual partner.

How is adult orthodontry different?

Until you reach adult age, your braces will be paid for by the NHS. This is one of the main differences. When you are legally an adult, no such aid can be expected. And of course, private dentistries are never free, regardless of our age. The other aspect to think of is the duration of treatment. Kids teeth are easier to regulate, adult orthodontics typically takes more time. BUt do not despair, even the hardest cases can be solved in 3 years maximum.

When do you need braces?

If your canines do not touch when biting down (open bite), if your top teeth do not cover your bottom teeth but go behind them (cross bite), then you probably need braces. If you have crowding, or a deep bite, you should also look into getting orthodontics. Braces don’t only fix your teeth, but can also help with jaw problems that you might have. Before getting orthodontics, you should consult with your dentist.

What options do you have?

Fortunately, there are many different kinds of braces for adults that you can choose from. There are removable versions, but these are usually only good for preparation; truly ground breaking changes can only be expected from a fixed apparatus. The brackets of fixed apparatuses are made of either metal or porcelain. Tooth colored porcelain braces are almost completely invisible, but it is more expensive, too. Metallic braces usually come with ligating elastics, which come in all colors, these are pretty popular among children. Lingual braces, which are just what they sound like; braces adhered to the lingual side of your teeth, are also becoming more and more popular, too, as they are truly invisible. This type is much more expensive than regular braces, because it is so sought after, and because it is so effective and aesthetic. It is completely discrete, which is a must for certain jobs. It is also harder to clean, and can sometimes irritate the tongue as well.

After consulting with your dentist, and you have decided that orthodontic treatment is the way forward, look at what your options are. Pick the one that you think is best and do not lose sight of the goal; a beautiful, healthy smile that will last a lifetime!

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