5 Tips To Make This Valentine’s Day Special

Tip #1 Designer Sweets

No Valentine’s day is complete without the typical heart shaped cakes, muffins and sweets designed to meet the occasion. Emblematic of the holiday of love, eating sweets and candies is also a good aphrodisiac, and serving a homemade cake or muffin is a great show of devotion and care, just what is needed to awaken desire in your heart’s chosen. Decorate your baked goods with plenty of light colored (off white, pink, or even light red) icing, heart shaped candies or sprinkles, or why not go all out and have the cake or muffin or cupcake (or whatever it is that you happen to make) be heart shaped as well.  

Tip#2 Valentine’s Greeting Card

They can be funny, sassy, cheesy, self-deprecating, heartfelt and sincere, or even poking fun at the (let’s admit it) banal nature of love and the holiday associated with it. Greeting cards are at the very core of this holiday. Not for nothing is Valentine’s Day ridiculed as the Hallmark holiday! Set the mood and say what you are afraid or unable to with a card left in a surprising location; a desk, locker, bed or refrigerator should do the trick. If done in the right manner at the right time, with the right sort of message,valentine your loved one will be swept off of his/her feet with a well placed card. Make sure you choose the right one though, as a funny or inappropriate card may be a turnoff, as well as a sincere or sappy one may scare your intended mate away from you, so choose wisely!   

Tip#3 Decoration

Setting the mood is especially important for this holiday, as love is such a fickle and transitory thing. One of the things that can help you with this is choosing the right decorum. While heart shaped, colorful balloons and tapestries may be appropriate for puppy love, celebrating your spouse may require something a little bit more toned down and conservative. A barely lit room with a bottle of champagne, perhaps just a little note or card no a coffee table. Or you can of course throw a party, as many singles or families choose to do, in which case kitch is all but a requirement. 


Tip#4 Lingerie

As Valentine’s day is the holiday of love, most people will imagine themselves ending up in the bedroom with their chosen person, and this is why lingerie plays such an important role in Valentine’s day iconography. Surprise your loved one with a clever or funny saying on your briefs, or funny or unusual shape (Like an elephant’s trunk) of undies. of course, lace and revealing lingerie is recommended for ladies, to really get your man going, and indeed have become symbols of this holiday. Something more modest or fun can also be a great surprise, like heart shaped knickers, or just a pastel pink or light red thong may also do the trick. There are plenty of choices for the lads as well, with colorful, revealing, or otherwised holiday themed undies being available from most clothing manufacturers. 

Tip#5 Love

All of the above mentioned are just parlor tricks, and will do nothing to enhance “the mood”, if there is no genuine love present in the relationship. This cannot be bought at a store, felt on a card or eaten in the form of a sweet. With all of this decorum and niceties, let us not let the whole point of the holiday be lost; to love each other and share intimacy with a loved one. This holiday can also be a great time to think about and understand the many ways in which our fellow human beings choose to love one another and the things that they hold dear.  


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