When Is It Worth Getting Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

While many people go abroad for dental procedures that are very costly and are more complex, such as oral surgery, or dental implants, few people consider getting cosmetic dentistry abroad. The idea is that you are not saving as much with getting a tooth whitening session in another country, or with getting crowns or such somewhere else. This is simply not the case. The price of crowns and bridgework is much cheaper in a lot of countries, and other cosmetic procedures are also cheaper.


When It’s Worth It

The main idea is to know how much the procedure will cost, and how much getting to the country designated and back will cost, and to check on the price of living in the designated country. You may be saving a lot of money by just being in a country where food, accommodations, and medical treatment cost a fraction of UK prices. For instance, if you live outside of London and would be travelling to London where you would spending two days and a night at some form of accommodation that you would pay for, plus you are getting high quality cosmetic dentistry at a nice clinic, you will pay more than if you go for a week to Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria, and get the same quality treatment.

As for crowns or bridges, traveling abroad for a single crown is very rarely going to be worth it, unless you count the fact that you are also getting a discount vacation to go along with it. But if you are not up for the vacation, a single crown, or a tooth whitening session is not going to cost you less than just going to your local dentist. But if you are getting bridge work, or would like to see the country where you will be residing anyway, then I can sincerely recommend getting cosmetic dentistry abroad.

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