Understanding The Fluoride Controversy

Any argument will have at least two clashing sets of beliefs or opinions involved, each trying to prove that they are indeed the one that is true. It is important, if one tries to resolve an argument, to hear out both sides, regardless of how ridiculous or misinformed one opinion may be, because if you dismiss an opinion out of hand, without hearing it, that opinion will grow stronger, boosting the argument forward into next rounds, until it does become resolved. Some arguments, like certain theological or philosophical ones, may never be resolved, while others, like the supposed “controversy” over fluoride, will almost certainly, if the arguing halves ever take the time to listen to each other and resolve their problems.

Fluoride Facts

The essence of this debate is misinformation. People like to downplay, or exaggerate, the importance and effects of fluoride, depending on their “team”. Here are the facts about fluoride:

Fact: Fluoride can be found in your body naturally, and can even be found in the bones and teeth of cavemen, it is what your tooth enamel is mostly made up of, along with calcium.

Fact: Fluoride, If ingested in large quantities, can cause dementia, can weaken the central nervous system, and can even be fatal. The dose for these is so astronomically high though, that unless there is a deliberate attempt to poison you, you will never come into contact with that much fluoride.


Fact: Certain states in the USA have been adding fluoride to their drinking water since the 70s, and no known cases of poisoning or of fluoride levels exceeding the recommended dose have been documented since that time.

Fact: Fluoride bonds to teeth naturally, so getting it in the water is a good way to make sure there  is some in your mouth, replenishing your tooth enamel.

Fact: If you live in a country where the drinking water is not fluoridated, you do not get enough fluoride in your system with just a healthy diet, unless you take pills that have fluoride as a supplement. This is why toothpaste is so often fluoridated, so that your teeth see enough of the substance.

Understanding The Argument

The argument, then becomes a lot quicker to understand once these facts are known. Because people who do not respect facts cannot be taken seriously in a debate.

Opposition to fluoridation of drinking water can only come from concerns that the government is a) incompetent and thus the handling of fluoride cannot be safely delegated to them as a task, because they will mess up and poison the well by accident, or b) malicious and sadistic, and will intentionally poison the well in order to have citizens with lowered brain capacities who are easier to manipulate. The second one is very easy to refute, as the entirety of the state will undergo water fluoridation, and the senator or state’s person will also be subjected to the same drinking water. The first objection is not that easy to dismiss though, as accidents and poor planning can happen. This then, is the only point of discussion, and the debates about fluoridation of drinking water should be turned in this direction, instead of the ridiculous sham spectacle that they have become today.

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