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Looking to embellish your teeth? Want something special, something that will draw attention to your pearly whites? Are you also in need of a crown? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, there is a stunning „new” innovation that has just what you are looking for. Read on and find out what this trend is all about, and how you too can get tattoos on that final frontier of body modification, the teeth.


It is not at all surprising that this trend would surface. After all, people are getting tattoos on every square inch of their body, including strange places like fingertips, eyelids, the genitals, and the inside of the mouth, so why not the teeth? Of course the teeth cannot be tattooed directly, as the enamel is not skin, and does not preserve ink, all you could do is to stain the tooth. The tattoos come on crowns, and the crowns are placed on top of the teeth, thus the row of teeth will have a tattoo on them. The design is selected before production, and the design is placed on the crown before the final layer of varnish is placed on it, thus covering the tattoo, and making it resistant to saliva and wear and tear.


These “tatteeth” as they have become marketed are nothing new. Dentist Steve Landman has been doing this procedure since 1995, making the concept almost 20 years old. Since then he has done logos of favorite sports teams, initials, pictures of loved ones, cats and dogs, and symbols such as shamrocks as well. Any simple design can be put on a crown, but the surface is quite small and is difficult to work with, so detail gets lost very easily.


Novel concept?

Hardly a new or unique idea, people have been trying to embellish their chompers for a long time. Crowns of silver and gold are found in ancient graves, as well as crowns made out of sea shells and other hard materials. In our day and age, grills are the most common tooth embellishment. These are rows of teeth that are gold or encrusted in diamonds, sometimes they are removable, and sometimes they are permanent. You can see them prominently in rap videos and in hip-hop culture. A more tactful approach is the single stud used by many ladies on the canines. This is just a single tooth jewel adhered to the surface of the tooth or crown.

Safety first!

It must be noted here that getting tooth tattoos on your crown will not harm your health in any way shape or form, and these are completely safe. The ink is contained within the crown, and will not start to leak even if the crown is broken, and the fake layer of enamel will make sure that the design is safe in your tooth. Brushing and eating and your daily activities will also not harm the design in any way.

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