The Tongue Patch Diet

Although sold as a reliable, legitimate diet in certain parts of the world, the diet that has come to be known as the tongue patch diet is in no ways a medically safe procedure, and cannot be called healthy in any sense of the word. I want to speak a few words on the subject, give an idea of what it is, and why it is terrible for your oral cavity. After that, everyone can decide if they want this procedure or not, because it does “help” you lose weight, but at a price that everyone should be informed about.

What It Istongue

It is basically a patch of mesh wire sown to your tongue with six stitches. The wire is on your tongue all the time, and every time you intend to eat solid food, you will experience excruciating pain, so this is best for those who are trying to go ona  liquid diet, and is meant to ensure that you can do that. It is marketed as a weight loss tool to help people who are trying to live on a liquid diet but are too lazy or do not have the proper self control necessary for this very difficult dietary restriction. The mesh is made of a material called marlex, which is usually used in hernia repair, and is roughly the size of a postage stamp. It is stitched to the center of the tongue, and was invented by the very rightfully controversial Dr. Chugay. You can look him up here.

Why It Is Bad For Your Teeth

Having foreign material in your mouth that you are not about to eat taxes your system. Orthodontics, which at least serve some medical functions, also tax your immune system and your teeth are more prone to becoming infected, etc, just think what the chances of catching an infection are with a marlex mesh sewn to your tongue. Aside from hurting your tongue as well, the mesh can also cut the roof of your mouth. Patients have reported speech impediments,halitosis from bacterial cultures growing on the mesh, and of course, bleeding, soreness, drooling and swelling of the adenoids.

Perhaps the most alarming thing is that after a given time, as marlex is biocompatible, your tongue will grow into the mesh, meaning that your tissue will grow in on and around the mesh, and incorporate it into your tongue. This is why the mehs can only be worn for one month, or two months tops.

Aside from that, the device works well. It will force you to not eat solid foods, and thus you will lose weight. But of course, at a price that should be considered.

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