Swiss reliability!

elmex toothpaste

I have never believed in loyalty towards brands, and this is especially the case with cosmetic products. I usually buy whatever I feel like when looking at the box of the product. The only thing that I do buy from the time to time - perhaps because I used it as a child- is Elmex brand anti-tooth decay paste. I have a thing for Swiss products, because of their reliability and high quality, and the fact that this product has been on the market for 45 years, despite changing market trends, is proof enough that they must be doing something right. And why do I love this product? Because it tastes nice, but has a strong menthol taste, which is intense but not overbearing. Because of its olafluoride content, it can actually reverse the effects of tooth decay, thats how it protects teeth, and it also prevents the expansion of bacteria, which causes less plaque. 

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