Pediatric Dentistry Abroad

Deciding to go to get dental treatment abroad is a tough decision, and when you make it, you will have to consider a bunch of things before hand, both budget wise and from a safety perspective. Is it really worth it, with staying time and accommodations and airfare? Do I know what I am getting into? Is the dentist liable and accountable for their work? How do I know I am getting the best dental treatment abroad, and so on, ad infinitum.

We have posted a number of articles to help clear up these questions, so if you have a family, the next obvious question would be if you can bring them along, and then a repeat of all of the previous questions would happen. This situation is even trickier if you have children.

Pediatric Dentistry

The idea behind pediatric dentistry is that there are certain things that need to be done, period. These are the resolution of caries and infected teeth or gums, abscesses, etc, and these need to be fixed regardless of the teeth being milk teeth or adult teeth, or whatever. The situation needs attending. The rest of pediatric dental care involves only adult teeth once the second molars have erupted. In these cases, the care is adult care, even if the patient who is being treated is still in essence a child.


Orthodontics are also a main reason that pediatric care is sought abroad, and as long as the second molars have erupted, the treatment will be worth it, as orthodontics will be cheaper abroad. Just make sure you can get the braces activated on a regular basis in your home country, otherwise you may find that all that money was spent for nothing!

How To Do It

The same rules apply, make sure the care is necessary, worth it (i.e. you are actually saving money), and then go for it. I know that the life and health of your kids is the most important thing to you on this planet, as it is to every normally functioning adult. But don’t get too scared, you are doing them and your family budget a service by getting them affordable health care, and they may even enjoy going to the place you are taking them (minus the dental work, they will only enjoy that once it is done). The money you saved may be well spent on education, after all!  

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