Fluoride Even Better Than Previously Thought

Fluoride is good for your teeth, and is found in abundance in all sorts of tooth related things produced by mammals. Teeth have a large amount of fluoride in them, and your mouth also produces fluoride in large quantities to help repair your teeth. But what the exact mechanisms are that makes fluoride good for your teeth is incredibly not known. This is why fluoride has been studied for the past fifty years.

Old News

There are several things we know that fluoride does that is beneficial to the teeth. We know that fluoride can penetrate the tooth itself and help build up a thin layer of enamel, and can reinforce the inside of teeth. We also know that the surface of teeth greatly improve with the addition of fluoride, and that it helps strengthen the tooth surface. Fluoride hardens the enamel coating, and as such, is a great thing.


New Finds

But it turns out that this is not the only use that fluoride has. Apparently, fluoride also helps in getting rid of bacteria. You see, bacteria like to form biofilms thats tick to the surface of teeth and to pretty much anything. They live in this slim happy and carefree, producing by products that burn holes in your enamel. When fluoride is applied to teeth, the biofilm does not stick to the teeth.


It also so happens that fluoride can act as a neurotoxin, too. Because of this quality of fluoride, many people have become paranoid, and conspiracy theorists worldwide have accused their respective governments of using fluoride for mind control experiments, and/or to keep their constituents loyal,sedate and willing. While I cannot speak on the intentions of governments, I can speak on the fact that countries without fluoride in their drinking water have up to 35% more cavities and as such, a worse quality of life.

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