Dental Care While Pregnant

Getting your dental work done while you are pregnant is very important. According to recent news, a study in the USA has been done which shows that pregnant women do not get enough dental care.

The Study

The study, done mostly in Oklahoma, shows that women have anxieties over whether or not getting dental treatment while pregnant will have adverse effects on their unborn children. This of course is patently false, and could not be further for the truth.

The study was first and foremost done with gynecologists, and they were asked about the oral health of the patients they see who are pregnant. They said that about 77% of the patients had some amount of decline during their pregnancy. This means that while they were at the gynecologists, their teeth got worse.

The study was then complete with Medicaid information to give a wider sample size. Something like 41% of women went to the dentist for fillings and/or restorative dentistry after they gave birth. This clearly indicates that a lot of you ladies out there are laboring under false pretenses.



While you are pregnant, you should get all of your dental work done, possibly with the exception of dental implants, although there is no reasons not to get them, really. But you might not want to deal with the pain and the healing times while your immune system is plenty taxed from raising a child inside of your body. The truth is, there are painkillers, anaesthetics and just about every other kind of medication available today that is safe and non harmful for fetuses and the women who bear them.

The other half is that periodontal disease, which will ensue if you don’t get your teeth checked every once in awhile, can be harmful for your fetus, and it can be extremely harmful for you. There is a lot of holistic nonsense on the internet about how what you eat and how you feel will affect your child throughout their life (if this is true it is the most counter intuitive thing to tell mothers about it, now all children will be born affected from stress), and this makes people not want to endure pain. This is total bogus, and yet just another example of pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo messing up the quality of our lives. Don’t buy into it, go to the dentist, get it done, while you are still early in your pregnancy, just do not forget to tell the dentist that you are epxecting!

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