Common misconceptions about root canal treatments

Many times people are afraid to go to the dentist because they are afraid that they will encounter some negative experiences, or they are afraid that they will find out that they are in need of certain expensive treatments. Root canal treatments are the nightmare of many patients, because they have heard a lot of horror stories about the treatment. Many times these stories have no basis in reality. Many times the dentist is at fault, or maybe the root canal was not necessary. Normally, this procedure is one of the easiest ones, and is considered a staple conservative measure, and can be quite painless. This article is about root canal treatments, and we will reveal some of the most common misconceptions about this treatment.

Root canal treatments

This procedure becomes necessary when the tooth pulp becomes infected, which is usually caused by tooth decay. The roots become filled up with bacteria, and they stick to the inside of the tooth chamber as well. During the procedure the infected pulp along with parts of the wall are removed. The roots are then filled with an antibiotic filling, and sealed. If needed, the tooth will also be crowned.

"My tooth doesn't hurt, so I don't need a root canal"

Often enough the tooth will not hurt, but will be infected enough that it does actually need a root canal treatment. There are several methods that doctors can use to see if the inside of the tooth is infected, and if it is, regardless of pain, a root canal treatment will become necessary. Keep an eye out for preliminary signs; like if there are any sudden, small growths around the tooth (these are fistulas), as these necessarily imply an infection. These tiny bumps can disappear, but that does not mean that the problem is solved. If you feel these tiny bumps, go and see a dentist immediately.


"Root canal treatments are painful"

Everyone associates root canal treatments with excruciating pain, and they are afraid and miserable before they even reach the doctor's office- unnecessarily. The procedure itself is done under anaesthetic, and the pain is caused by the decay in the tooth, and root canal treatments are there to end this pain. The anaesthetic makes it so that you cannot feel a thing, and you can experience pain and swelling only afterwards.

"Root canals are useless, as the tooth will need to be extracted anywhere"

The whole point of the procedure is to save the sick tooth. If it is successful, then the extraction becomes unnecessary, and you can keep your tooth, and conserving your teeth for as long as possible is the aim of every good dentist.

"The nerve is removed, and I won't be able to feel anything"

Many people assume that once the nerve is gone, so is the pain, as the tooth will become desensitized. This is untrue. In truth, the tooth will be unresponsive to cold and heat, but the area around the tooth will be sensitive for a few days to come. Talk to your dentist, as this pain can also be relieved.

"Once I am done with the root canal treatment, I won't have to go back to the dentist"

Root canal treatments are a little bit more complicated than that, I'm afraid. After the first root canal treatment, you will have to go back several times, until you get your final, permanent root filling, and if you need a crown, that will take additional visits. The first filling is just a temporary, and while it may be able to protect against infection, it will be ruined soon.


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