Calcium Leaching Foods

The foods we eat and the habits we have affect our physiology. While certain foods may be good for us because they have certain nutrients or micronutrients, they may also tax our system in other ways, requiring large amounts of water, magnesium or calcium to digest.

Bones and teeth are made of phosphorus, magnesium, fluoride and a whole lot of calcium. These are the foods that leach calcium, and hence should be consumed in moderation:

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonation in soft drinks is due to phosphoric acid, which is an acid that dissolves calcium. If you drink a lot of carbonated beverages, your teeth will suffer because of it. Not to mention the fact that carbonated beverages like cola or fruit flavored soft drinks are chocked full of sugar as well, which also adds to the destruction of your teeth. It is as if the drink itself were made by greedy dentists, eager to get more patients. this stuff is poison for your teeth. If you are addicted and cannot stop, make sure you eat enough calcium and magnesium, or take supplements to give your teeth a fighting chance.


Animal Proteins

Proteins gained from animal products like meat, fish and dairy products are lipids which are very easy to digest, all parts of it become used up in the body, and are a very effective source of protein. They do use up a lot of calcium, though. Although milk and dairy does actually contain calcium, the lipids in them drain the existing calcium from bones, teeth, and wherever else there may be some deposits. Plant sources of protein are better for people with calcium or phosphorus deficiencies.


Massive amounts of sodium is the hallmark of all processed foods, a thing that many of us who inhabit urban areas live off of, due to busy schedules, laziness and not knowing how to cook. Sodium chloride, or table salt, is especially bad for you, and not only because it leads to hypertension, and clogs up your arteries. Salt also leaches calcium from bones and teeth, because your kidneys use up the calcium to flush the salt out, as that is where the used up sodium that does not get stuck to the side of your arteries ends up.


In the next segment, we will observe three more food stuffs that are bad for your calcium levels, but the focus will be on materials that block your intake.

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