Emergency dentistry

Found a cavity? Lost your retainer? Crown popped off? Broke your denture? Implant come loose? Then we have good news for you! We also operate an emergency dentistry. Since we are open at least one of the weekend days, we take calls from patients who are in need of dental assistance right away, without any further ado. We also reserve appointments most everyday for emergency patients. This sadly does not mean that the moment you call we will have one available. As the volume of emergency patients is not something that we have control over, we cannot guarantee an emergency appointment the moment you call. However, we will give you the nearest available appointment, and in case of cancellations we can bring your appointment up to an earlier date or time.

Toothache is nothing to take lightly, even if the pain is slight enough to take for a joke. It can be a sign of much graver problems, like an infected tooth root, an invisible abscess, periodontitis, or any number of chronic or acute conditions. You should not wait, and you should try to get an emergency appointment with us as soon as possible. We can prevent dental illnesses from becoming more severe, and if a problem has grown to the extent that it is causing serious discomfort it needs to be dealt with immediately. Any sign of swelling is usually a sign of an infection, and at our hungarian dental practice we can deal with any and all infections of the gum and jaws.  We can also prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to hold you over until you can come in for a longer appointment, should a dental appointment of the length required to treat your dental problem not be immediately available.


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